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The Bulgarian people have always had high ideals, and the heavens have endowed them with talent and strong spirit. Kamen Chanev owned all this and it is no wonder that with his last breath, he expressed a desire to support young talents in the realization of their dreams. With the Kamen Chanev Foundation, the name of this exceptional tenor of ours will continue to live, and with it the name of Bulgaria – the mother of great talents and rich spirit.
Svetla Vasileva

I love Kamen! There are few stage partners on whom I have always known with complete calm that I can lean on, rely on – the feeling is of strength and support. With the bravura ease of his singing, with his masterful vocal technique and stage presence, with his deep devotion and professionalism, everything around him is filled with stability. Kamen is the rock under which you can always take shelter. Its absence leaves a huge, lamented gap!
Aleksandrina Pendatchanska

I wish the Foundation established in the name of the great artist, singer, man and friend Kamen Chanev, to find and support the most deserving young artists and give them a flying start in their careers.
I’m sure he would be very happy about that!
I hope that the great art that Kamen bequeathed to us will ignite, motivate and inspire many young performers to walk the long and difficult path of the artist and not to give up in the moments of hesitation and doubt that will inevitably overtake them.
Kamen will always remain a symbol of pure relations between people, great devotion and honesty in art, and his bright incarnations in the most emblematic tenor parts will forever remain a corrective for future generations of young singers!

Good luck!
Kiril Manolov

I had the chance to watch and listen to Kamen live performances and the feeling is that you are part of a miracle, of a divine moment created by his inspiration and energy! Exceptional voice, artistry and charm! The foundation established in his name to support young tenors is a wonderful initiative that will preserve the name of our great singer for generations!
Vlado Penev

Good luck!

I am happy to know Kamen Chanev. I watched him on the stage of the Sofia Opera. An exceptional singer, a wonderful person! We all miss him! I wholeheartedly support the Kamen Chanev Foundation and wish success to the next tenors in Bulgaria.
Marta Vachkova

We were lucky to live at the same time with Kamen Chanev, such a large-scale person, so dedicated to art, that it became an example of the helplessness of death before the great talent and memory of him. We have to remember, we have to be proud and appreciate the talents even more while they are alive! In this sense, the foundation named after Kamen Chanev will zealously support the musical talents and their development and will preserve the taste and high criteria of the Patron, so necessary today.
Tanya Shahova

Kamen Chanev is our very dear friend whose loss left a big gap in our hearts! We wish the Competition for Singers, which will be named after him, to open new horizons for young Tenors and let the memory of Kamen Chanev live! He was an example of dedication and love for art, colleagues and everything valuable in life!
Nina Andreeva Bozhkov and Milen Bozhkov

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We are grateful to all our supporters!
Contributors and partners
We are grateful to all our supporters!
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