The Competition “The Voice of Kamen” is created with the mission to continue the life of the ideas and understanding of Kamen Chanev of the essence of the opera art.

The Competition “The Voice of Kamen” is an opportunity for young artists from all over the world to convey the message of entire devotion and honesty to the art of an exceptional tenor, part of the most meaningful history of the world opera.

  • General
  • Regulations
  • Required Documents

The Second International Competition for Young Opera Singers-Tenors “The Voice of Kamen” is organized by the Stara Zagora State Opera, Foundation “Kamen Chanev” with the assistance of the non-profit organization “Custodians of the Stara Zagora Opera”. The International Competition combines a serious competitive profile with professional, international prestige and a contemporary approach to its presenting, which positions the participants as “young ambassadors of music” from “stages” of the ancient Stara Zagora.

The Competition will be held from 20 August to 27 August 2024 in two professional rounds before an international jury, presenting “The Voice” as a musical talent, and a third round with a focus on the personal message of the artist, in which the participants are assessed by the audience.

Proceedings and conditions for participation:
The right to participate in the competition have young opera singers – tenors, Bulgarian and foreign citizens of the age between 22 /completed/ and 40.
The team of the jury is determined by the organizers of the Competition. The chairman of the jury is Jose Cura.
The applications can be submitted electronically and only through the official portal of applying.

  1. Application Form
  2. Current portrait photo of the participant (portrait orientation, RGB, 600px minimal width, maximum file size 1,2 MB, JPEG);
  3. Professional biography (format PDF, maximum 1 page)
  4. Proof of payment for the participation fee

only bank transfer accepted

Documents consideration fee

EUR 35

Participation fee

EUR 70




UniCredit Bulbank

The fee shall be paid by bank transfer to the following account of
Bank name: UniCredit Bulbank
IBAN: BG39UNCR70001522471986

Registration fees are not reimbursed.
Deadline for applying to the International Competition for Young Tenors “The Voice of Kamen” – 1 July 2024

Important! We strongly recommend that you should submit your application before the deadline, not on 1 July, since the system might be overloaded and the application may not pass through.

If you have any other questions, please contact us at the mail:



The pre-selection jury will assess
every recording and will choose the participation in the competition
Link to YouTube
or Vimeo
You may upload your audition video as part of the application via a link to YouTube or Vimeo. It must include recordings of two opera arias.
Quality and date of
Only high quality and recent videos will be accepted (recorded within the last year)
Choice of arias
The applicant must include recordings of two contrasting in style opera arias by choice of the applicant, preferably in different languages. If you are selected to take part in the competition, you may choose whether to include or not these arias in your competition repertoire. Only 2 opera arias will be accepted
Only piano accompaniment or live orchestra will be accepted (pre-recorded orchestra accompaniment will not be allowed)
Choice of composers
Opera arias must be from different composers
Language and tonality
Arias must be performed in the original language, their original tonality and in their complete form (without cuts)

The selected applicants will be notified
by 5 July 2024.

Important notice on
first and second round

The first and second round are held with a piano on the stage of the Stara Zagora State Opera.

The travel and accommodation expenses are not covered by the organizers.

The auditions are held in the order of a draw, made before the beginning of the Competition.

*** All arias (text and music) are performed in their original with standard 440 hz, in their entirety and by heart.

Please, make sure that you are wearing suitable clothes for the auditions and the creative presentation in the third round. The official dress code for the “Closing Gala” is obligatory.

19 August 2024 – arrival in Stara Zagora of the approved participants in the competition.



20 August /Tuesday/
13.00h - the draw and rehearsals with a pianist. Location: Stara Zagora State Opera.
21 August /Wednesday/
11:00-17:00h First Round /day one/. Location - Stara Zagora State Opera. The candidates perform two arias – the first by their own choice, the second – chosen by the jury from the offered by the candidate arias.
22 August /Thursday/
11:00h First Round /day two/. Location: Stara Zagora State Opera. The candidates perform two arias – the first by their own choice, the second – chosen by the jury from the offered by the candidate arias. Announcement of the qualification for the Second Round.
23 August /Friday/
Excursion to the “Valley of the Thracian Kings”, the city of Kazanlak for the participants in the Competition – for those who wish. 21:00h TOSCA, stage “Antique Forum“. Conductor Ivaylo Krinchev, director Ognyan Draganov. In the leading roles: Tanya Ivanova /Tosca/, Jose Cura /Cavaradossi/ Kiril Manolov /Scarpia/, Orchestra, Choir, Children’s and Adolescent’s Studio for Opera and Ballet of the Stara Zagora State Opera.
24 August /Saturday/
11:00h Second Round - Nomination of the laureates of the Competition. Location: the stage of Stara Zagora State Opera. The candidates perform two arias – the first by the choice of the candidate, the second – from the repertoire of Kamen Chanev.

Third Round “The Artist and the City”

18.00h - Stara Zagora Municipality Stage, Announcement of the Audience Award.

The candidate presents himself with an aria or song of his choice that will best reveal his artistic individuality – for example: an aria from an opera, musical or operetta, a folk song, a popular song or one that best represents his national identity.


Dress Rehearsal – Gala Concert Competition

20.00h - Stage Antique Forum

Award Ceremony

21:00h Closing Gala Concert аt the Antique Forum “Augusta Traiana”


Uroš Ugarković


Uroš Ugarković was born in Belgrade and received his first piano lesson at the age of 14. He studied piano and conducting at the Faculty for Music in Belgrade, the Jacobs School of Music in Bloomington Indiana (USA) and the Ferenz Liszt Academy in Budapest, working with, among others, Božena Grüner (piano), Bart van Oort (harpsichord), Jokut Kadirova (piano), Csaba Kutnyánszky (conducting). During his studies, Uroš was laureate and winner of several competitions, e.g Jeunesses Musicales Belgrade, AFC Competition Roma and Міжнародний конкурс молодих піаністів пам`яті Володимира Горовиця, Kiev. As pianist, soloist with an orchestra and conductor, he appeared in numerous theaters and concert halls, e.g Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Budapest, Salzburg, Belgrade, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Skopje, Bucharest, Sofia and Herceg Novi.

In January 2020 he began working as Kapellmeister at the Theater Hagen, followed by an engagement at the Komische Oper Berlin from January 2022.


Vyara Shuperlieva


Vyara Shuperlieva graduated master degree from the National Musical Academy in Sofia, Bulgaria.

In 1986, she accepted the position of vocal coach in the National Opera in Sofia, Bulgaria. Between 1991-1994, she was an accompanist in the Academia Di Canto Boris Christov, in Rome. Vyara Shuperlieva is a permanent accompanist of the Boris Christov Competition(Sofia), where she has received an award for the best accompanist.

She has worked as a vocal coach in the opera productions of Opera Thesaloniki, Festival Classic Openair, Solothourn (Switzerland), Festival Operosa (Bulgaria), Cyprus Opera Organosazation (Cyprus), Opera-Bergen (Norway). Recently, Vyara Shuperlieva has been appointed to the position of a vocal coach in Mozarteum University, Salzburg, Austria.

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