Second International Competition for Young Tenors THE VOICE OF KAMEN


20-27 August 2024 – Stara Zagora
The Competition “The Voice of Kamen” was created with the mission to continue the life of the ideas and understanding of Kamen Chanev of the essence of the opera art.
The Competition “The Voice of Kamen” is an opportunity for young artists from all over the world to relay the message of full dedication and honesty to the art of an exceptional tenor, part of the most valuable history of the world opera.

The Second International Competition for Young Opera Singers – Tenors “The Voice of Kamen” is organized by the Stara Zagora State Opera, by the Foundation “Kamen Chanev” with the assistance of the “Board of Trustees of the Stara Zagora Opera”.

The Competition will be held from 20 August to 27 August 2024 in two professional rounds before an international jury, presenting “The Voice” as a musical talent, and a 3rd round with a focus on the personal message of the artist in which the participants are assessed by the audience.

The Competition is unique of its kind and is only for tenors, Bulgarian and foreign citizens at the age between 22 years /full/ and 40 years. The head of the jury is the world-renowned Argentinian tenor, conductor and composer Josa Curra.

According to the regulations the young opera singers-tenors from Bulgaria and abroad can register for participation not later than 1 July 2024 in the Internet site of the Competition The Competition for Young Tenors “The Voice of Kamen” will be held in two rounds in accordance with a preliminary draw /20 August/. All works will be performed in the original language and to a piano accompaniment. In the first round /21, 22 August/ the candidates perform two arias – the first by their own choice, the second – chosen by the jury from the offered by the candidate arias. In the second round /24, 25 August/ – with two arias: the first by the choice of the candidate, the second – from the repertoire of Kamen Chanev. The first and the second round are held without the presence of an audience.

In the third round “The Artist and the City” the candidates compete for the vote of the audience, having the opportunity to personally choose how to present their artistic individuality – with an aria from an opera or a musical, folklore song, popular song or such that best presents their national identity. In the third round all have the right to participate, regardless of whether they have classified for the final of the competition. For the intended out of the competition program third round, which will be held on a specially built stage in front of the Stara Zagora Municipality – the entry for the audience is free. The Gala Concert of the laureates will be held on 27 August on the stage of the Antique Forum “Augusta Trayana” with the Orchestra of the Stara Zagora State Opera under the baton of Jose Curra. The entry for the audience is with tickets.

The authoritative international jury, which will assess the participants in the Competition includes Jose Curra /tenor, conductor, composer/, Tanya Ivanova /soprano/, founder of the Foundation “Kamen Chanev”, Krasimira Stoyanova -soprano, Kamersingerin of the Vienna State Opera, Vesselina Kasarova /mezzo-soprano, Kamersingerin of the Vienna State Opera and the Bavarian State Opera, artistic director of the Stara Zagora State Opera/, Kaludi Kaludov /tenor, vocal pedagogue/, Alex Grigorev /impresario – TACT Artists Management/, Ognyan Draganov /director, managing director of the Stara Zagora State Opera/, Luciano di Martino /conductor of the Plovdiv State Opera/, Rafal Janik /conductor, professor in conducting /conductor, artistic director of Theater Wielki-Lodz, Poland/, Vladimir Kiradzhiev /conductor, professor in conducting in the Viennese High School for Music and Scenic Arts/, Luca Ceretta – managing director of WORLD ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY HUNGARY Kft.

The musical accompaniment is in the hands of the experienced and internationally recognized rehearsal pianists Vyara Shuperlieva and Uros Ugarkovic.

The organizers of the Competition have intended first, second and third prizes. Intended are also special prizes: by the Plovdiv State Opera – a contract and participation in an opera production for the season 2024-2925; of Theater Wielki – Lodz, Poland – a contract and participation in an opera production for the season 2024-2025; Prize of the Stara Zagora State Opera – “Kamen Chanev – for Honesty in the Art” and a contract for participation in an opera production for the season 2024-2025; Prize of the Sliven Symphony Orchestra – Concert in the native city of Kamen Chanev – Sliven.


Stara Zagora State Opera
Address: 30, Mitropolit Metodi Kusev blvd.
6000 Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

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